Sunday Gardening- A Love Story

petunia fish

Woke up super early this morning and decided to do some gardening. I had already taken advantage of the beautiful summer weather earlier in May, planting several pots of herbs, petunias, a spike plant, and a tomato plant.

The tomato plant was looking a touch weepy, so I wanted to try transplanting it with some fresh soil and plant food laced throughout. I have never grown tomatoes before and I really feel bad when a plant dies.


I went to Menards in Dilworth, MN and got several new supplies.  A huge pot for my tomato plant, 4 bags of soil, a lattice, some plant food, and several herbs and petunias to plant in my new pots. The herbs in the pallet garden at Menards looked severely sunburnt so I had to dig a phoenix from the ashes to find my herbs. I chose a Thyme, a beautiful and large sage plant, as well as a very nice looking Italian Parsley plant. The parsley will compliment my Italian food so well. My mum gave me several new clay pots so I had all those on hand. Yay MOM!

I was so excited!! And I promised myself I wouldn’t get a beer until I was all finished with my work.

I separated all my flowers out into their new 16″ pots. They looked so lovely once I was done. I even got several compliments from my apartment neighbors.

flowers 1

Everyone got plenty of water to make sure they started their new lives okay. They looked a bit rough in the greenhouse so I wanted to spoil them as much as possible. My patio faces East so it gets very good sun until about 1130, then the plants get a break and some nice shade. Its good to be productive!! I made these pots twins, each with 3 geraniums, 3 small petunias, and one large petunia.  A spike plant was planted in the middle of each. My mother always had very similar arrangements in the gardens at home and it helps remind me of her every time I tend my flowers.

rosemary 1

Next came the herbs. I love rosemary so much so when I first got a plant in May, it got its own 12″ pot to grow, grow, grow! I couldn’t resist showcasing it above, my pride and joy. Sorry if it looks a bit snipped at the moment, I just harvested it last night for some chicken I made. I was unable to find some Rosemary at the store so I had to go without but I was excited to plant my new darling near the others. I filled the new pot with fertile soil and delicately planted them, giving them nice cool water and a shady place to start out in. My patio smells so good right now!

herbs 1

Onward to my sad, sad tomato plant. I had acquired the tomato plant from Hornbachers on an impulse buy one Friday afternoon. Its a Roma Tomato plant and it looked wonderful when I bought it. Since its been home, its been getting more and more droopy so it was time for a makeover. See how sad it looks next to my herbs?

tomato 1

Time for a new home in a grand and luscious 24″ pot, complete with a shadier area in the patio. If you notice, I have some of my plants lifted off the ground on bricks. Clever, right? Those were actually leftover from the previous occupant of my abode when I moved in. It helps me have a beautiful garden setting without other stealing the sunshine from each other. And the tomato has been transplanted with a bucket full of new food and soil and I do hope it likes what I did. I will be devastated if it decides to keel over and die on me.

tomato 2

I’m very happy I was able to do something productive today. I’m in no way a gardening expert. I just like to keep busy and take care of stuff. I achieved my goal and was able to have a nice refreshing beer at the end of it all. Here’s a cactus before you go!

mr biscuits 1



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